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The different real estate markets that we inhabit in Sydney, Australia are both fast and competitive; we represent our clients with speed, but not haste; and when its right, we act deliberately, confidently, discretely and consistently.

We have a commitment to excellence, innovation and loyalty which underpins our company ethos, whilst our experience and expert knowledge allows us to take an innovative approach to overcome any challenge. These qualities are at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is full of longevity.


To us, purchasing real estate is much more than an exchange of money. Working with a client is a partnership. It’s a shared experience and a quest for prosperity that feels stable and long-lasting.

The team at Hastings has been able to consistently surprise our clients with unique real estate opportunities over the years. We believe its vital to develop innovative solutions, strategies and proven processes that exceed expectations every time.


Our market knowledge, measured strategy and uncompromising level of attention to detail underpins every client we have successfully assisted. We believe in everything we do, and so do our clients.

We might move fast, but we always gather our market intelligence and expertise before jumping in. When we act on an opportunity, we do so with urgency and thoughtfulness in equal measure. Every purchase is a collaboration from our experienced team.​

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Partner & Buyers Agent

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Buyers Agent


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