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Gus Kugel

Partner & Buyers Agent

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill;  the willingness to learn is a choice.
– Brian Herbert.


Gus possesses a wealth of knowledge, a great work ethic, a relatable nature, and an ability to build client relationships, all while servicing their individual needs.


With many years of hands-on experience in all areas of property buying and cultivating new client relationships, our investor clients value Gus’s extensive knowledge of the Sydney property market, his honest advice, and his ability to assess any investment to ensure it always performs to its highest potential.


Gus strongly believes that real estate is as much about client relationships as the property itself. He is passionate about finding the perfect match for our clients – both investors and tenants. By listening to the client and adapting to their wants and needs in a proactive manner, Gus has consistently exceeded the expectations of the majority of our clients, not only in service but also in investment performance.


Easygoing yet extremely professional, with a thorough understanding of every stage of the investment process, from strategic assessments before a search commences to finalising a tenancy, Gus is passionate about ensuring every client receives the service and performance they deserve.

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