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Our Services

You’re success begins with us.

The team at Hastings has been able to consistently surprise our clients with unique real estate opportunities over the years. We believe its vital to develop innovative solutions, strategies, and proven processes that exceed expectations every time.


Our market knowledge, measured strategy and uncompromising level of attention to detail underpins every client we have successfully assisted. We believe in everything we do, and so do our clients.

We might move fast, but we always gather our market intelligence and expertise before jumping in. When we act on an opportunity, we do so with urgency and thoughtfulness in equal measure. Every purchase is a collaboration from our experienced team.

Hastings offers a tailored service for each of our clients looking to purchase. We’ve shortlisted three of our most common options, should you wish to explore other options with us, connect with us for a confidential discussion.


Primary Residence

We assist clients with the purchase of their primary residence on a daily basis. Having inspected thousands of properties, we understand the process and have simplified it. We know that buying a home is an emotional experience and often the biggest investment a buyer is likely to make in their lifetime.


Our dedicated team will partner with a client through the entire buying process from start to finish. Most importantly, we can source off-market properties which we have first dibs on, this entire new market is not available for the public and only for our exclusive clients. If you’d like to learn more about our tailored services, reach out to us. Remember; no purchase is ever too small or big for us.


Investment Property

Our team strongly believes in investing in bricks and mortar and promotes the same ethos to all our clients. In fact, everyone in our team has purchased their own investment properties. When investing in real estate, there’s an old saying “you make your money, when you buy”, so it’s part of our job to ensure our clients make the right decision from the start.

We establish a clear understanding of our clients brief from the beginning, allowing us to shortlist suitable investment opportunities that fit their criteria. As seasoned Buyers Agent’s, our understanding of the various sub-markets allows us to know when and where to invest and when it’s time to sit on the fence.  


Property Developers

Our services for property developers are by invitation only but on the rare occasion, we will interview a prospective client if their prior experience and financial capacity meet the minimum merits for our exclusive services. We have been actively purchasing development sites for the past decade and understand where and how to source unique off-market opportunities both raw and da-approved that fit a client’s brief.


We assist with all levels of due diligence where needed and have made sure our clients become repeat buyers due to the high level of service and results we consistently deliver. If you are interested in our service, please contact us for an initial discussion.

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